Penn-Harris-Madison Schools (PHM) support the transit of Venus experience. 

See TROVE for other community attractions related to the transit of Venus.

Student with stained glass window drawing
Classroom Activities

Many activities and resources are available for PHM educators parents, from which these suggestions are highlighted for PHM students. 

DVT Newsletters

2012 April 26
AstroFest at Union Station on April 28; TROVE Adventure; Free Phone App; Seeking Skilled Telescope Owners; Eclipse Underway at Sunset May 20; At the PHM Digital Video Theater; Transit of Venus Lecture Series; Cash Prizes for Student Art

2012 February 24
Penn Band to Play Rare Sousa March; New Laser System Dazzles; Reserve for Free Laser Show; Planets Visible in March Sky; Cash Prizes for PHM Transit of Venus Art Contest

2012 February 2
Why Leap Year?; Lasers Are Coming!; DVT Schedule; Watch Jupiter & Venus Head for a Showdown; Science Alive!; Trove Art Exhibit

2012 January 18
Video debuts at PHM Theater; Venus Shines in PM Sky; Conflict with Sports in the 17th Century; Treasure TROVE

2011 December 5
Season of Light; TROVE introduction; Kepler Announces First Planet in Habitable Zone; Activity: Pixel Count

2011 November 2
Holiday Line-up; Transit of Venus & Church, stained glass windows; Still Finding New Stuff, star with spiral arms; Sun Ramping Up, giant sunspot now

2011 November 10
Public Shows in Digital Theater; Countdown to June 5, 2012, countdown clock for last day of school;  Autumn Skies, highlights of the Summer Triangle; Bust Stop Astronomy, Jupiter and moons visible

2011 September 20
New Digital Video Theater at PHM; 2012 Transit of Venus, introduction; Walking on the Moon, satellite images of Apollo 17 landing site; Bus Stop Astronomy, thin crescent moon near Mars

PHM Events

2012 Schedule of Shows in DVT
Classroom activities in 2012
Video trailer in DVT
Transit of Venus lectures in DVT (see Schedule) on May 17, 24, & 31
Coordination of Treasure:TROVE
End-of-year PHM student art exhibit at Kingsmen Art Gallery, Penn High School
John Phillip Sousa's Transit of Venus March by Penn Symphonic Winds on March 8
Public telescope observing on June 5, 2012
Live NASA webcast of Transit of Venus

Observing with Telescopes

Owners of telescopes are invited to share the spectacle with the public on June 5, 2012, at

the PHM campus.  Anticipate a public telescope workshop in May for safe solar observing instructions.

From (click for interactive map):
Transit times for PHM site

PHM Digital Video Theater (DVT); official PHM page includes Public Show Schedule and contact information for DVT Director Art Klinger.
the Transit of Venus, a 4-minute video shown in the PHM DVT
Poster: PHM 2012 Transit of Venus; high-resolution (32.6 MB) collage of images on viagra herb alternative stained glass window frame; URL on poster refers to this page (/phm2012).
Dormant, unofficial website for PHM Planetarium & Air/Space Museum; includes images and details on museum collection and exhibits.
Universe in the Classroom article summarizes the significance and history of the transit of Venus, from centuries of intrigue to the modern hunt for habitable planets.
Links to Michiana astronomy interests.
TROVE; attractions in Michiana that support the transit of Venus

Directions to PHM Digital Theater

The Digital Video Theater (DVT) is located within Bittersweet Elementary School, which is just north of Penn High School. From the school corporation's office building (Educational Service Center (ESC)) on Bittersweet Rd., go east on the driveway to Bittersweet School on the left.

Note: Several mapping services (Google, Bing, etc.) incorrectly mark Bittersweet School as being literally on Bittersweet Road, just south of cialis one a day McKinley Ave.

Satellite map of aerial approach to PHM Digital Video Theater (DVT)See,225750797931635&form=LMLTCC for an aerial view of the approach to the school.

Congratulatory letter from U.S. Education Secretary Rod Paige2004

The PHM Planetarium was a leading hub for transit of Venus programming in 2004 as it created educational resources for national distribution, hosted local viewing of the solar spectacle, and coordinated international communication and outreach through its popular 2004 website .  For these efforts, then-Secretary of Education Rod Paige recognized the school district for its contribution.

Logo for PHM Education Foundation  Programming for the 2012 transit of Venus is supported in part by the PHM Education Foundation.